My Hero Academia Reveals Important Fact About Quirk Transplants

My Hero Academia is down to surprise fans any day of the week, and it does so consistently with the manga. Each chapter of the series tends to share new information on an important topic. Of course, some chapters share more details than others, and that is what chapter 287 did this week with its major tell about quirk transplants.

After all, the brand-new chapter followed Izuku and Shigaraki during their most tense battle yet. The pair found themselves watching as All For One and One For All battled over control of the latter. At first, the villain was plenty confident he would be able to secure One For All at last, and he gloated prematurely by sharing a secret about his quirk transplants.

"There are stories of people whose personalities and tastes change after an organ transplant. Though it sounds rather occult, there's plenty of supporting evidence," the old-school villain explained while Shigaraki struggled for control.


"Just as organs and cells house memories of sorts, every quirk factor contains a consciousness, the individuality of its wielder, if you will."

This revelation is a huge one, and it sheds new light on the intimate nature of quirks. The power themselves have a sort of identity and manifest in ways that suit their host. This is why One For All has a mindscape of sorts that contains its former users. The quirk has entangled the vestiges in both power and personality, so Izuku has access to both.


Of course, this reveal also makes transplants all the more horrific. The forced transplant of one's quirk is terrible at its most basic, but it only worsens when you realize each quirk is molded to its users. You can understand better why Mirio said the loss of his power made him lose his sense of self. And if All For One were the one to strip your quirk, well - traumatized wouldn't even begin to cover you in the aftermath.

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