My Hero Academia Teases the Reason Izuku Is Perfect for One For All

My Hero Academia is a big fan of Izuku Midoriya, but not all of its characters on onboard. Barring its many villains, there are some heroes who have expressed doubt in Izuku's ability to handle One For All. The boy has changed those opinions around in time, and it seems the manga has decided to school unruly fans on why Izuku is perfect for the quirk. All it took was the original user to lay out the reasons.

Recently, chapter 287 of My Hero Academia went live, and that is where fans were given a lesson from One For All himself. The man showed up before Izuku and All For One after Shigaraki tried to steal the power. It didn't take long for One For All to school his demented brother on why Izuku was perfect for the quirk, and he did so with a flashy bang.

"Someone who exploits people like you could never understand what drives this boy to shed blood," the younger brother explained as he pushed back against All For One. "He rages for the sake of others. For them, he does his best until he can do no more. This young man is possessed by a drive to save others that eclipses all common understanding. Our power is his, and we shall follow him."

My Hero Academia Season 5 Deku Izuku Midoriya
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

The man's final words were emphasized by a blinding light as All For One and Shigaraki were blown away from Izuku's mind. With his quirk safe, the boy was left mid-air watching Shigaraki in fear as his regeneration quirk continued to move. It seems the boy isn't ready by any means to take One For All, and that is a relief. The vestiges have chosen Izuku as their holder, and the original user clearly believes the boy is special. He will hopefully be the one to take All For One out of commission forever, and My Hero Academia fans have no reason to ever doubt Izuku moving forward.


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