My Hero Academia Preps for Dabi's Reunion with Endeavor

Dabi is one of the most talked-about villains in My Hero Academia, and it seems he is on the move. The baddie has been busy as of late since it was not long ago he took on Hawks in battle. Dabi seemingly crippled for the second hero for good, but he isn't done causing mayhem. A coming update promises to put Dabi back in the spotlight, and fans have a terrible hunch about what's about to happen.

The big tease came at the end of chapter 287 which dropped this past weekend. My Hero Academia checked in on Dabi after Izuku and Shigaraki broke through a stalemate. They watched as Dabi learned about Endeavor's position on the battlefield, and he was thrilled to hear the Number One hero was near Shigaraki.

"Shigaraki's fighting Endeavor? Nice, let's prep... to tear down the fake hero society, of course," the baddie told the gang. Of course, this tip piqued the curiosity of fans, and they are afraid of what Dabi might do next.

my hero academia
(Photo: Shueisha)

It would be easy for the League of Villains to swoop in and defeat the heroes given their status. They have the help of Gigantomachia at their side, and the heroes are in terrible shape right now. Fans are pretty certain the baddies could take out several top-tier heroes if given the chance once they are reunited with Shigaraki. But if one theory about Dabi is right, the man could topple the whole of Hero Society with a certain reveal.

Fans have long suspected Dabi of being Endeavor's son Touya who is believed to be dead. The evidence has mounted towards the theory for over a year now. If Dabi were able to reveal his true identity and his father's abusive past to the world, well - the villains would take home a victory far sweeter than they ever imagined.


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