My Hero Academia: All For One Explains Why Izuku Is Wrong for One For All

The Paranormal Liberation War might be coming close to reaching its finale, with Midoriya and Shigaraki facing off against one another both physically and mentally, and not to be left out, the original All For One makes an appearance and lays out why he believes Deku is all wrong for the power of One For All. With Midoriya being joined by one of the previous holders of One For All in Nana Shimura, the mentor to All Might and biological grandmother to Shigaraki, this fight is definitely one for the ages when it comes to Kohei Horikoshi's sprawling super hero epic!

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 287, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

Following their titanic physical altercation, Midoriya and Shigaraki's fight shifted from the physical world to that of the mental one, as they were both joined by the spirits of their mentors. Shigaraki might have to attribute his power to his mentor in All For One, but that hasn't stopped his hatred of his teacher. With All For One linked to Shiggy, the terrifying imprisoned leader of the League of Villains believes that Deku isn't worthy of the power of One For All due to his past "failures".

"The incredible power has been wasted. Wasted on one who could protect neighter friend nor teacher! They were forced to defend him in fact! What's more, like his master, he's given himself over to blind rage! He find himself immobilized, squirming about, helplessly watching on..."

My Hero Academia Manga
(Photo: Viz Media)

Midoriya was also joined by All For One's brother, the original wielder of One For All, in Tomura, which helped him to break free of the mental battlefield and retain the power of this nigh invincible Quirk. All For One's emotional assault may prove to take its toll however, as Deku is clearly struggling to come to grips with the grievous injuries of both his mentor Gran Torino and his friend Bakugo in the past chapter of My Hero Academia's manga.


With the chapter ending as Shigaraki is told to retreat by All For One to give him more time to absorb the Quirk fully, the War arc may be closer to ending than we originally thought!

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