My Hero Academia Seems Ready to Bring a Missing Hero Back

My Hero Academia knows a great deal about its top heroes, and fans have learned a lot about those [...]

My Hero Academia knows a great deal about its top heroes, and fans have learned a lot about those idols in the last few years. From All Might to Endeavor, the top-ranked heroes represent the best of pro heroes, so it goes without saying they have legions of fans. That is why fans of Best Jeanist have been in mourning as they were last told the hero had died. But thanks to a new chapter, it seems like the Pro Hero is far from dead.

If you are caught up with the manga, then you will know what is up. It wasn't terribly long ago fans were told Best Jeanist was dead, and the manga made it seems as if Hawks killed the man. Dabi confirmed the corpse was real when Hawks hit up the League of Villains with the hero's body in tow. However, fans have long suspected the body to be fake, and that is surely the case now.


So what has changed with Best Jeanist? Well, the manga's latest chapter seems to hint at the hero's comeback. My Hero Academia chapter 288 begins with a jet speeding through the air towards Gigantomachia who is on a warpath. The giant has killed thousands and destroyed entire towns to reach Shigaraki. The plane is carrying a mysterious hero who believes they can stop the beast, and well - we are pretty sure the hero is Best Jeanist.

The clues come in the first page. Fans are shown the plane's interior, and the craft is holding at least two industries spools of cable wire. While the hero formally chastises the pilot for flying so slow, fans are able to check out the hero's partial silhouette. Their slender frame and tailored clothes all scream Best Jeanist, and we have seen the hero use these exact spools before.

For anyone who has read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, they will recognize the spools. The prequel showed Best Jeanist using them to prop up the Sky Egg when the massive tower was unseated in an explosion. The spools contain carbon fiber cables which are used to hold up suspension bridges, and Best Jeanist is able to manipulate them with his quirk. These cables were able to hold up a massive building in mid-air, so fans are confident it could ensnare Gigantomachia with a bit of luck. So if Best Jeanist shows up in a future chapter, don't say we didn't warn you!

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