My Hero Academia Welcomes Back a Major Hero at Long Last

My Hero Academia has given its heroes hell as of late, but hope has turned in their favor at long [...]

My Hero Academia has given its heroes hell as of late, but hope has turned in their favor at long last. The villains have caused untold chaos in the wake of the raid on their base. Now that Shigaraki is awake, there is no telling how many are dead thanks to his decay quirk, and fans know a good few heroes have died amidst the fight. But thanks to a new update, fans have learned one pro hero is safe now that they've made a clever return to the battlefield.

If you are caught up with the manga, then you will know what is up right now. After speculation galore, My Hero Academia fans were given a hearty update on Best Jeanist from beyond the grave... literally. The hero was never buried six feet under as Hawks faked the body he showed Dabi so long ago. Best Jeanist is alive, and he has made a comeback at long last!

My Hero Academia Season 5 Deku Izuku Midoriya
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

The hero has been teased heavily for the past month, but chapter 292 marks his big comeback. The top hero is shown standing in a jet that is loaded with carbon cables. Best Jeanist takes a moment to monologue as always before jumping into battle. And when he lands, you can guess how shocked Dabi was by the revelation.

As you can imagine, this comeback is exciting for a ton of reasons, and even Bakugo is hyped to see his quasi-mentor. Best Jeanist throws a major wrench in the villains' plans as he is able to pin down Gigantomachi and the League. His appearance also pokes a major hole in Dabi's televised spiel as he told the world Hawks killed the hero. And while his horrifying outing of Endeavor will surely stick, the return of Best Jeanist gives hope that Pro Heroes aren't totally done for now.

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