My Hero Academia Compares Shigaraki to Thanos in Terrifying New Ad

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest superhero franchises out there, and fans are willing to pit it against Western comics any day of the week. From its heroes to its villains, the manga has proved itself to be as rich as any Marvel or DC title. And thanks to a new advert in Japan, fans are beginning to pit Shigaraki against Thanos now that the baddie has unlocked a new level of villainy only a few can reach.

To get a bit of context here, we have to visit Shibuya Station in Japan. The station is a major transportation hub that carries thousands of people a day... and it also houses some truly epic adverts. One of the digital billboards is dedicated to My Hero Academia right now. This advert has popped up online several times this week, and its depiction of Shigaraki has got fans comparing the villain to Thanos a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why is that? Well, you have to check out the video of the ad below. The manga-centric piece was placed to hype fans for My Hero Academia's ongoing story. The so-called Raid arc is tenser than ever after the pro heroes failed to hold back Shigaraki. With scores of heroes either dead or crippled, Shigaraki has started to fully embrace All For One, and that means bad news for humanity. After all, Shigaraki wants to totally reshape society, and he has the power to enact such brutal change.

The boy's goals may not be as drastic as those Thanos had, but the two villains are comparable. Their 'big bad' status precedes them, and their remorseless actions make them eviler than most. And thanks to this ad's aesthetic, Shigaraki looks like the kind of villain now to spout big words about balance and destiny. That is if Thanos doesn't try to shut him up first.

What do you make of this eerie My Hero Academia advert? Do you think Shigaraki will become powerful enough to defeat Thanos one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.