My Hero Academia Reveals a Dark Fact About Hawks's Father

When it comes to My Hero Academia, the Pro Heroes overseeing the world try to stay squeaky clean, but it seems there are seedy parts of the community which can never be covered up. Guys like Endeavor have shared their dark side over the years, and Bakugo has tried to slowly overhaul his image since day one. And thanks to a new update, fans have learned something about Hawks's past that has shaken them to the core.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and it was there fans learned more about Dabi's broadcast to the world. The intrusive message has shattered the previous vision society had of heroes. Dabi's startling revelation about his true identity has made everyone side-eye the Todoroki clan, and the boy has done the same for Hawks.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

After all, Dabi just revealed the real reason so little is known about the Number Two hero. Hawks has been kept out of sight with a fake identity after his father was captured for robbery and murder.

"It's really no wonder since his own father was a serial robber and murderer. A villain. Which is exactly why Hawks's background and real name were kept secret," Dabi explained.

"It was Endeavor who captured his father actually. Maybe it was that connection and some twist of fate that brought these men together. I couldn't let that stand!"

As it turns out, Hawks has a dark history that is certainly less than savory. The boy's father was a career criminal who did not mind stealing or killing. In fact, it took Endeavor to take Hawks's father down, and fans were apparently reunited with the villain in a previous arc. After all, all signs point to Dabi orchestrating the man's jailbreak so he could confront Endeavor, and Hawks's father took Natsu hostage before the Number One hero handled the situation.

Clearly, Hawks has had it rough, and Dabi might be able to sympathize with the hero because of their past abuse. However, the two have taken different paths, and Dabi is keen on taking all trust away from Pro Heroes. And as it stands right now, his mission is succeeding with ease.


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