This My Hero Academia Design Imagines Momo's New Suit

My Hero Academia did its homework when it began costuming all of its heroes. From All Might to Tenya Iida and beyond, many of the heroes in the series have costumes that suit their powers. Of course, some of these suits have been met with pushback such as with Momo Yaoyorozu, so one artist has come up with an outfit for the girl that suits her Quirk just fine.

Over on Instagram, the user maliziass posted their work of Momo for all to see. It was there fans saw what a future costume for the heroine could look like. The new suit keeps the red-and-white color scheme fans know, but the high-neck bodysuit has less cleavage to advertise.

As you can see below, the costume features a turtle neck that zips up. The suit is made up of a bodysuit that features a large cutout across the abdomen. This gives Momo plenty of space to produce items from using her Quirk, but her chest isn't a risk of spilling out in battle. The rest of the suit shows off her toned muscles as the bodysuit has no sleeves and features a bikini-cut bottom.

A pack is paired with the suit that wraps around her waist. Momo can keep digital how-to guides in the pack if she needs to know how to make an item last minute. She is also wearing thigh-high boots which appear to roll down in case Momo needs even more skin available for her Quirk.


This outfit is a classy one that closely echoes the suit fans know so well. Momo's original costume has caused discomfort for some fans given its skin-baring nature. Of course, that is a functional choice given how the heroine's Quirk relies on her having exposed skin to create items from. But with a few tweaks, My Hero Academia fans think an outfit like this better suits the minor all while giving he Quirk free room to create.

What do you think about this fan-design? Does this costume better suit the Class 1-A heroine? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!