My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases All For One's Possession

My Hero Academia will do whatever it takes to make a truly great cliffhanger. The series has done this time and again with fans as the manga has mastered the art of shocking them. As you can imagine, the series has been throwing out cliffhangers often given the manga's current arc, and its most recent surprise left fans eying All For One differently than ever before.

It wasn't long ago that My Hero Academia put out chapter 285, and it was there fans checked in on Izuku and Shigaraki. The two are fighting one on one these days after the latter inherited All For One from his master. The villain is truly powerful now as he's killed hundreds if not thousands during this arc, and Izuku is desperate to beat him.

His friends nearly bring Shigaraki down after Izuku spends most of his energy preventing the villain from using decay. However, something strange happens that reverses the battle's course. Endeavor is shown frying Shigaraki to a char that leaves the latter black and burnt. But in the last possible moment, Shigaraki is told to lend his body to a member of All For One.


As you can imagine, that user is none other than Shigaraki's old master. It seems the man has mastered his quirk in ways the users of One For All have not. In the past, fans were shown Shigaraki fighting with his master over his newfound power. Even Izuku is able to enter his mindscape and find the former users of One For All there. But it seems like All For One has learned to possess users of the quirk, and he does so on Shigaraki.


He does so seemingly to save his protege's life, but fans are not sure that is all there is to it. All For One is a gnarly guy, and he tried to take over Shigaraki's mind before. The fact he can force his will onto the boy is even more horrifying, and fans are left to wonder how much Shigaraki is really himself after inheriting his master's quirk.

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