My Hero Academia Has Finally Turned Bakugo Into a Real Hero

My Hero Academia latest War Arc has had the added effect of forcing the kids of Class 1-A to step up to the very real danger now facing the entire pro hero world. While many of the Class 1-A fan-favorites have gotten a moment to shine in the war (Mina Ashido, Kirishima, Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu), the two main characters in the bunch (Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo) have had to not only step up to support the pro heroes in the fight - they're now leading the fight to bring down Tomura Shigaraki! And in doing so, My Hero Academia has finally made Bakugo into a true-blue hero.

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga 285 SPOILERS Follow!

In My Hero Academia chapter 285, Izuku Midoriya is still pitched in a heated battle with Tomura Shigaraki. Both boys have had to tap into new levels of their respective One For All / All For One powers in order to rival one another in battle, but neither has much stamina left, and Bakugo is the only one on the battlefield who truly knows just how much personal danger Izuku is in. By maxing out One For All and its secondary quirks, Midoriya is tragically stressing his body to a point it may not be able to recover from, and Bakugo knows there isn't much time left.

Instead of staying on the sidelines Bakugo decides to take command of the pro heroes around him (including his latest mentor Endeavor). With the heroes behind him, Bakugo launches an ambitious attack that can both take Shigaraki out for good, and save Izuku before it's too late. Bakugo's training pays off, as he is able to use his explosive power to get Deku away from Shigaraki, while Endeavor fries the young villain leader with his Prominence Burn special move.

However, none of the heroes could've known that Shigaraki's All For One power held a dark secret. Before the villain can be destroyed All For One (the man) takes command of his body, launching a final strike at Izuku to steak his One For All quirk. In a moment of pure self-sacrifce, Bakugo pushes Izuku out of the way and gets hit with the vicious attack himself.


My Hero Academia fans don't have to worry too much - Bakugo is more likely to survive Shigaraki's attack than not, but this is still an epic moment for him. My Hero Academia began with the arrogant Bakugo nearly losing his life in a villain battle - only to be saved by the sacrifice of a powerless Midoriya. It was that act that convinced All Might to make Deku his successor for the One For All power - who knows what Bakugo's big sacrifice could lead to?

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.