My Hero Academia Showcases Todoroki's Most Impressive Rescue Yet

My Hero Academia is neck deep in a war against the villains that make up the insanely large group known as the Paranormal Liberation Front, a combination of the League of Villains and Re-Destro's clan, and the students of UA Academy are giving their all during the siege with the son of Endeavor showing off one of his most impressive rescues to date. With mastery over both flame and ice, Shoto has been one of the strongest members of Class 1-A time after time, presenting himself as both an offensive and defensive threat.

As followers of the manga know, Todoroki is currently doing crowd control when it comes to the War story, with his father Endeavor right in the thick of the battle itself, against the newly powered Shigaraki. Using his ice power to save civilians and some of his friends within UA Academy, Shoto unleashes a wall of ice that he dubbed "Heaven Piercing Ice Wall". With the war still raging, we're sure to see Shoto himself taking on some villains in the upcoming chapters of My Hero Academia's manga!

Twitter User CDCubed shared the impressive panel that sees Todoroki saving the lives of his friends by creating an ice wall that was able to momentarily pause Shigaraki's insane new decay power that was able to eliminate a number of professional heroes who were simply caught in the target zone:

The previous chapters of My Hero Academia have spent time focusing on Todoroki and his family, as Endeavor continues to struggle with his new role as the Number One Hero. With Endeavor fighting against the inheritor of All For One, Shigaraki, fans are definitely worried that the bell might be tolling for the current number one hero. If the flame faced hero is indeed meeting his end, his son Shoto is definitely going to have to step up to the plate when it comes to his journey of becoming a professional hero.

What do you think of Todoroki's quick save with his technique of Heaven Piercing Wall? Do you think Endeavor's time is about to run out during the Paranormal Liberation War? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!

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