My Hero Academia: Where Can the Story Go After the Failed Raid Arc?

My Hero Academia is currently putting its heroes into one of the biggest fights of their lives as the Paranormal Liberation War rages on, with Shigaraki assembling an army of super villains and inheriting the power of All For One, and with everything now on the line and plenty of casualties being shot the way of both the heroes and the villains, where does the franchise go once it wraps? With Deku now giving it his all and seemingly any character on the chopping block, the future of the series will definitely be changed once this story wraps.

One of the big things that we believe is going to happen following the Paranormal Liberation War Arc is a paradigm shift when it comes to the "ruling class" of the world of UA Academy. In this sense, we truly think that the age of the villains is about to begin. With Shigaraki and his villains attaining a level of strength the likes of which we've never seen before, both the countless villains under his sway are wrecking havoc across the countryside. The heroes, both the professionals and the young heroes at UA Academy, are trying their best to combat all the levels of this threat, but are losing some hard hitters in the process.

My Hero Academia Paranormal Liberation War Arc
(Photo: Viz Media)

As heroes like Gran Torino has been mortally injured and Aizawa has had to cut off his own leg, we also think that the young heroes of UA Academy are going to be left on their own when it comes to taking back the world. Much like Naruto, a series that focuses on different generations of ninja, My Hero Academia might be moving toward a place where the aspiring crime fighters might have to step up even more so than before and change the world by their own power. As the old generation has taken some of the biggest hits, the series moving forward could definitely put more focus on the young heroes as the last line of defense.

Ultimately, the villains winning this battle seems like a foregone conclusion, moving the series into a totally new and exciting place, painting a reflection of a time that was once ushered in by the All For One of the past. If the heroes manage to win the Paranormal Liberation War, it is not going to come without a heavy cost.

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