My Hero Academia Gives an Update on Hawks and Mirko

My Hero Academia's big "Paranormal Liberation War" has been costly, as the pro heroes made the first strike in the manga's "Raid Arc." The pro heroes, cops, and members of Class 1-A made an ambitious raid/ambush of the secret lab run by One For All's mad scientist, Dr. Ujiko. The heroes were only able to plan and execute that strike thanks to no. 2 hero Hawks going undercover in the villains' "Paranormal Liberation Front" army. And during the strike, the heroes were only able to shut down Dr. Ujiko's lab thanks to the all-out effort of Rabbit Hero Mirko. Both Hawks and Mirko sacrificed themselves for the greater good - and now we're finally getting an update on their status (respectively)!

Warning My Hero Academia manga chapter 283 SPOILERS Follow!

In My Hero Academia chapter 283 we see Izuku Midoriya trying to stand against the power-boosted "Plus Ultra" Shigaraki, in what seems like the final battle of the Raid Arc. Tomura Shigaraki has succeeded in crippling Shota Aizawa and disrupting his erasure quirk, while also injuring multiple pro heroes in the process. As Deku and Shigaraki square off, the villains' hulking monster Gigantomachia is causing massive destruction to the city of Jaku. As the city is being decimated, we get a look at different scenes from around Jaku City region, and how the various factions of pro heroes involved in the raid are all faring.

Several of the panels dedicated to checking in on the heroes are specifically dedicated to looking in on Hawks and Mirko. We see Hawks still in the care of his protege Tokoyami, outside the ruins of the Paranormal Liberation Army's compound. Hawks is still bandaged up like a mummy after being scorched by Dabi's flames, and we see an IV taped into his arm to provide vital fluids. It's not a good sign that Tokoyami is trying to use his Dark Shadow to scramble and save the various medics working on Hawks, from all the destruction and rumble caused by Gigantomachia.

My Hero Academia Manga 283 Spoilers Hawks Mirko Dead Alive Injury Updates
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazaine)

Mirko is similarly hanging on by a thread, after having her limbs severely injured by Intelligent Nomu, while taking down Dr. Ujiko's lab. Mirko is seen being carried by a pro hero through some crumbling streets, while the hero begs her to hang on and survive her injuries, lest she be bested by the villains.


Both Hawks and Mirko have become fan-favorites thanks to My Hero Academia's War Arc. But now, it's unclear whether or not their pro hero careers (or lives) will even be able to continue after this.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.