My Hero Academia Cosplay Features A Battle Damaged Mirko

My Hero Academia has introduced one of its fan favorite characters with the fourth season of its anime in the rabbit hero of Mirko, and the manga has put the high flying crime fighter through the ringer in the Paranormal Liberation War as one fan shows with some bloody cosplay bringing her to life! Easily earning her place within the Top 10 of the highest ranking heroes in the world, Mirko hasn't been able to unleash in the anime as of yet, but rest assured that fans who follow the series will get to see her in all her glory soon enough!

Mirko is somewhat like the "Spider-Man" of the My Hero Academia universe, having the strength, spped, agility, and skills of a hare, using her intense jumping skills to blast through opponents. In the recent Paranormal Liberation War arc, Mirko has been a much needed asset for the heroes' side as she has managed to take down a number of "High End Nomu" that were created by the nefarious Dr. Garaki. Needless to say, this came at a cost as Mirko suffered some truly heinous injuries as a result of her desire to put an end to Shigaraki and All For One's terrifying plans for the world!

Instagram Cosplayer Dali_Darling_Cosplay shared this bloody take on the fan favorite hero of My Hero Academia, showing the devastating effects of the current war of the manga that has been pitting the heroes and villains against one another and dealing heavy casualties to both sides:

A fifth season of the anime for My Hero Academia has already been confirmed, so fans can expect to see Mirko get more airtime as the franchise continues!

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