My Hero Academia Reveals the Extent of Mirko's Injuries

My Hero Academia has turned Mirko into a fan-favorite heroine in a short period of time, so the series had to give readers an update on how badly the Rabbit Hero is injured these days. For those of you keeping up with the manga, you know Mirko has put her life on the line to keep Shigaraki far from his fated transformation. In the process, Mirko took a good few hits, and chapter 269 has given fans an update on how she is doing.

As you can imagine, Mirko is not going too hot after facing off with a slew of high-end Nomu. Fans already know the heroine lost her left arm in battle but managed to tourniquet it enough to battle on. But now that Endeavor has reached the scene, fans can see Mirko has way more life-threatening injuries than they thought.

The My Hero Academia chapter cuts to the chase as its opening page checks in on Miko. Not only is her left arm still bleeding profusely through its tourniquet, but she has often massive wounds. There is a huge chunk taken out of her left side which seems to be exposing her ribs.

my hero academia mirko

Of course, Mirko's legs also took damage. The Rabbit Hero is known for her ability to jump and run at insane speeds which makes her a slippery target. However, her nimble moves will be impacted by the massive gouge in her right shin that is squirting blood. The Pro Hero has also taken a stab in her other thigh, so Endeavor is left with no option but to cauterize Mirko's wounds with his Quirk.

Now, the question left has to do with whether Mirko will be able to fight still. She was able to crush more Nomus despite her injuries but much of that was because of adrenaline. Once Recovery Girl gets a hold of this Pro Hero, there is no telling what shape she will be in, but fans know Mirko will be chomping at the bit to get back on the battlefield.


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