My Hero Academia Reveals Dub Actress for Mirko

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting quite some time for a certain heroine to make her debut, and it seems the dub is ready to bring her out. Today marks the dubbed debut of Mirko, one of the standout newcomers in season four. Funimation confirmed the voice actress who will bring the Pro Hero to life, and it is none other than the fabulous Anairis Quinones.

Funimation announced the dub casting shortly before episodes 87 and 88 went live online. The company confirmed Quinones will voice Mirko in the English dub of My Hero Academia, and fans were understandably hyped for the announcement. But of course, no one was more thrilled than Quinones herself.

"Listen. God is BEYOND good. Thank you SO much Colleen Clinkenbeard and Funimation for trusting me with this bunny hero."

As you can imagine, fans are excited to see how Quinones approaches Mirko as the dub continues. The heroine made her entry into the anime during the Pro Hero Chart arc. The story reveals the new list of Top Ten Heroes following All Might's forced retirement. While Endeavor takes the top spot, newcomers like Hawks and Mirko are hot on his tail to become the World's Greatest Hero.


Now, it falls to Quinones to bring Mirko to life, and she is joined by another solid addition to the My Hero Academia cast. Zeno Robinson has been tasked with voicing Hawks who has become a major figure in the manga. The feathered hero is considered one of the best Pro Heroes working in the pro circuit, and Robinson's work as Hawks has received nothing but praise since it was made public.

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