My Hero Academia Affirms Monoma's Star Power With His New Ability

My Hero Academia has really cemented Naito Monoma's star power by unleashing his newest quirk with the latest chapter of the series! As Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series kicks off the second phase of its Final Act, the final battle between the heroes and the villains is finally taking shape. The heroes were able to get their plan successfully off the ground and separated All For One and Tomura Shigaraki from one another, and now the next phase of their plan is becoming all the more clear as well as they kick off the fight with Shigaraki in full.  

After being separated from All For One and the other villains, it's revealed in the newest chapter of the series that Shigaraki has been led to a battlefield that has been specially crafted to take him down by any means necessary. While Monoma already had a huge part in making this happen along with the first part of the plan by using his copy ability, it's revealed in the newest chapter of the series that he now has a very critical role in fighting Shigaraki specifically. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 346 of My Hero Academia sees the heroes' plan kick into high gear as it's explained that Shigaraki has been taken to a battlefield that's now flying in the sky. Using the technology Mei Hatsume had developed to send U.A. High School into the sky, it's essentially a cage full of other smaller tricks in order to limit Shigaraki's decay powers. But that's certainly not enough to counter all of his other abilities, however, and thus it was a major concern when Aizawa explained that his quirk was essentially useless thanks to all of his injuries. 

To counter that, Monoma is now being kept in constant contact with Shigaraki and is now copying his Erasure quirk to stall as many of Shigaraki's powers as possible. It's a key role that makes Monoma more important than ever, and it goes to show that all of his talk about being a minor bit player was just his self-doubting nature. Now he's going to be key in defeating Shigaraki, and although the villain might have other tricks up his sleeve, Monoma needs to keep up his guard to make sure he's as effective as possible. 

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