My Hero Academia Stars Channel Naruto Shippuden with This Ninja Makeover

My Hero Academia has become one of the biggest shonen series out there regardless of its forms. From paper to television, the hero-centric story has earned millions of fans worldwide, and that has caused many of them to call Izuku Midoriya the new Naruto Uzumaki. And thanks to one fan, netizens can get a look at how Izuku might look if he were to enter the World of the Hidden Leaf.

Over on Instagram, the artist Mario_Digital_Art got fans buzzing with their take on Izuku. The fan decided it was time to translate the boy's usual hero costume into one that suits the Hidden Leaf Village. The artist tapped into Naruto Shippuden for the inspired makeover, and they decided to overhaul Ochaco while they were at it.

You can see the pair below in all of their ninja glory. Izuku is standing to the left with a Hidden Leaf headband tied tight to his head. The excess fabric of the band is shown flying behind his head, and they mimic the long ears which Izuku's usual costume rocks. As for the rest of his outfit, it is based on the two-piece look Naruto wore after training with Jiraiya for years. The only difference here comes down to color as Izuku has kept his green-and-black motif.

As for Ochaco, the girl is channeling Sakura Haruno with his top-and-skirt combo. The heroine can be seen rocking a dark green sleeveless top and biker shorts. Much like Ron, Sakura has a pink skirt over his shorts that pops, and it matches the braces on her elbows.


This stellar makeover has My Hero Academia fans imagining how the rest of Class 1-A would fit into the World of Naruto. Bakugo would fit in with Sasuke so long as he doesn't end up leaving the village as the Uchiha did. Shikamaru and Iida are pretty similar while Todoroki would surely vibe with Gaara. There's no doubt All Might and Jiraiya would get along, and if you know anything about Aizawa, then you know Kakashi is his perfect ninja double.

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