New My Hero Academia Art Brainwashes a Class 1-A Superstar

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising gave both Midoriya and Bakugo an insane new challenge to grapple with in the form of a new "heir apparent to All For One" in Nine, but also introduced Class 1-A students to two new children with powerful Quirks that are the subject of a new sketch from the creator of the series in Kohei Horikoshi. Heroes Rising was released into theaters in North America earlier this year, before the full force of the coronavirus pandemic, and was definitely one of the biggest battles that the students in UA Academy have faced during the franchise.

Makohoro Shimano was one of the new characters introduced in Heroes Rising, a young girl who had a quirk that allowed her to create holograms and illusions to fool those around her. Her brother, Katsuma, was one of the focal points of the film, being pursued by Nine in order to steal his Quirk and add it to his own. Attempting to save her brother from losing his Quirk, Makohoro attempted to fool Nine with a number of illusions but was ultimately unsuccessful. Luckily for her, Midoriya, Bakugo, and the rest of her friends were able to battle against Nine and stop his plans.

The creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, shared a new sketch that shows Makohoro brain washing Bakugo to make the explosive hero seem to be in a catatonic state, clearly using her Quirk to create an illusion that would make him far more peaceful than he usually is:

With the fourth season of the anime having wrapped, and the fifth season confirmed, we aren't sure when the franchise might return to the silver screen, though Kohei has gone on record that there are plans for many new feature length films to be released down the line. Whether or not we'll see Makohoro and Katsuma appear in the series is a question for another day, but we wouldn't be surprised!

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