My Hero Academia Hypes New Volume Release with Mirko Sketch

With the English Dub voice for Mirko being confirmed with voice actor Anairis Quinones taking the [...]

With the English Dub voice for Mirko being confirmed with voice actor Anairis Quinones taking the role, the creator of the My Hero Academia franchise is hyping the release of the next chapter of the manga with a sketch of the Rabbit Hero that has become a fan favorite in a short amount of time. The next chapter of the Paranormal Liberation War arc has been delayed by a week, and with it being one of the most hard hitting story lines to date, a new sketch isn't necessarily needed to amplify the hype, but it's certainly appreciated!

When Mirko was introduced in the fourth season of My Hero Academia's, she was in a good place, being ranked as one of the top heroes in the world among the likes of Endeavor and Hawks. In the manga however, the rabbit hero is having a pretty rough go of things, sacrificing her body in an attempt to take down the High End Nomu that are guarding both Dr. Garaki and his latest experiment that involves transferring the Quirk of One For All to the leader of the League of Villains in Shigaraki. With her arm being ripped off and suffering a series of brutal injuries, the fate of Mirko is now up in the air as Shigaraki awakens to threaten the world once again!

Twitter User Aitai Kimochi shared this sketch from the My Hero Academia creator, Kohei Horikoshi, that features Mirko hyping up the next volume's release, featuring an amazing cover of the battle between Hawks and Twice that proved to be one of the pivotal moments of the Paranormal Liberation War:

The Paranormal Liberation War arc has seen some major casualties on both the hero side and the villain side, with a strong possibility of more to come down the line with the insanely powered Shigaraki and his new all powerful Quirk. As Shigaraki searches for the wielder of One For All, aka Midoriya, he runs into a slew of professional heroes, and we are left wondering whether or not everyone will survive the encounter.

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