My Hero Academia Introduces a New Type of Nomu

My Hero Academia keeps pulling out bigger and bigger developments in its 'Paranormal Liberation [...]

My Hero Academia keeps pulling out bigger and bigger developments in its "Paranormal Liberation War" arc, as the pro heroes collide with the League of Villains' new "Paranormal Liberation Front" army. Thanks to decades of planning by All For One and his mad scientist Dr. Ujiko, Tomura Shigaraki has been transformed into the ultimate living super-weapon, with a boosted disintegration quirk, All For One's array of stolen quirks, and even a knock-off version of All Might's strength and endurance. If all that wasn't enough, the most recent chapter of the manga reveals that Shigaraki also has a new breed of Nomu to unleash!

Warning: My Hero Academia manga chapter 276 SPOILERS Follow!

In the previous chapter of My Hero Academia the pro heroes managed to stage an ambush against Shigaraki, with Eraserhead managing to catch the villain leader in his gaze, thereby shutting down is insanely powerful disintegration effect and the entire arsenal of quirks gifted to him through All For One.

However, in spite of Aizawa's efforts, the heroes learn that Shigaraki has other resources besides his quirks. Dr. Ujiko reveals that he used a modified All Might quirk to transform Shigaraki into a powerhouse of natural strength and endurance. We also learn that Ujiko gave Shigaraki a device that lets him command an army of monsters - including a new breed of Nomu that are released from their stasis tubes in Ujiko's lab!

A flashback scene shows Ujiko educating Shigaraki on how to use the new Nomu at his disposal, using a radio signal to activate them. During Shiagraki's attack on the heroes' communication systems, he used his "Radio Waves" quirk to send out the activation signal to these new Nomu, which come swarming out of the ruins of Ujiko's lab, ready to take on the heroes.

My Hero Academia New Near High End Nomu Manga 276
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

So what's new about these latest Nomu? As Ujiko explains, they were High-End Intelligent Nomu like the type Ujiko previously unleashed - only this batch didn't get fully cooked. While they have multiple quirks and near-indestructible bodies like High-End Nomu, they lack the conscious reasoning of Intelligent Nomu, and are only able to follow the orders of their master, Shigaraki. To that end, Ujiko has a new name for this particular breed: "Near High-End" Nomu!

As stated, My Hero Academia has been steadily increasing the scope of its mythos when it comes to the heroes and villains and the powers they wield. The Nomu have evolved so quickly that the ramifications of them being unleashed on society will probably resonate long after the war is over.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.