My Hero Academia: New Toga Sketch Continues Her Seduction of Ochaco

My Hero Academia's Toga is far and away one of the most popular villains to threaten the lives of [...]

My Hero Academia's Toga is far and away one of the most popular villains to threaten the lives of the students of UA Academy, harboring a terrifying crush on the protagonist of the franchise, and a new sketch commits to the bond that the young blood taker is attempting to establish with Ochaco. With My Hero Academia's fifth season underway, fans can expect some big story beats for the young villainess as the anime will dive deeper into the background of many members of the League of Villains following the confrontation between the students of Class 1-A and 1-B.

In the pages of the manga, both Ochaco and Toga had a meeting that fundamentally changed how they saw one another, though it ultimately didn't change their paths as hero and villain respectively. Without going too deep into spoiler territory, Toga believes that her crush on Deku is one that unites her with the hero known as Uravity, but is obviously in for a rude awakening considering the two separate paths that the Quirk wielders have taken within their lives. Toga's bizarre carefree attitude as a villain who is able to alter her shape following absorbing the blood of her targets makes her far different from many of her comrades, and fans can expect a big moment or two for her as season five continues.

Twitter User Color Division shared this new sketch from My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi that sees Ochaco and Toga getting a little bit closer, perhaps hinting that the two who harbor a crush on Deku might just be getting closer in the future of the franchise:

In the manga and the anime, Ochaco has yet to reveal her true feelings for Izuku, which of course Toga wears on her sleeve whenever she encounters the students of Class 1-A. With the classmates of UA Academy running into more danger with each passing day, Uravity might need to hurry as Midoriya's life is falling into more peril as he attempts to master the power of the Quirk All For One at his disposal.

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