Viral My Hero Academia Art Imagines Ochaco's One For All Power

One viral piece of My Hero Academia art imagines Ochaco Uraraka with One For All's power! Kohei [...]

One viral piece of My Hero Academia art imagines Ochaco Uraraka with One For All's power! Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia kicked off with Izuku Midoriya officially inheriting the power of One For All from All Might as he learned that the number one hero actually did not have any real powers of his own. One For All passing down from hero to hero, vestige to vestige, has been one of the key components of the series as a whole, so fans have taken it upon themselves to imagine what it might look like if someone other that Izuku controlled this power.

Izuku has even shared One For All's power with Katsuki Bakugo during the events of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie, so it's not like it's a completely wild idea to imagine the power with someone else. So what would it look like if Ochaco Uraraka was using One For All's power instead? Artist @deb_amm has taken this idea to the next level, and gone viral with fans on Twitter for their fierce take on Uraraka with One For All in tow. Check it out below:

The mysteries of One For All are deepening in both the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime series and the currently releasing chapters in new issues of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. In the anime, the series has begun diving further into One For All's origins and what Izuku Midoriya's new evolutions means for the power residing inside of him. As for the manga, it's actually dealing with these same things just at a much higher and more intense level.

If Ochaco Uraraka took on the power of One For All instead, she would have had a much bigger edge in the beginning thanks to her own gravity quirk. But after seeing how long it's take Izuku to use the power comfortably having no quirk of his own, it does make one wonder how much worse off someone with a quirk would have been if they were All Might's successor instead.

But what do you think? Do you think Ochaco would have been a good hero to take on the power of One For All instead? Let us know your thoughts on Ochaco, One For All, and everything My Hero Academia in the comments!