Official My Hero Academia Art Imagines Eri/Bakugo Fusion

My Hero Academia: Drawing Smash is the first major art exhibit that creator Kohei Horikoshi has helped bring to life, giving fans a life-size statue of All Might and many other pieces of original art, with one of them being a unique fusion between two of the most unlikely characters in Eri and Bakugo. While the explosive student of Class 1-A continues to try to keep both his Quirk and personality under control, Eri finds herself no longer under the sway of Overhaul and is instead attempting to use her powerful abilities for the forces of good.

Drawing Smash will be held in Japan throughout most of this summer, having swung open its doors recently, giving fans the opportunity to not only see new art from creator Kohei Horikoshi, but several other famous manga creators test out their skills with characters in the UA Academy universe. Though the art exhibit doesn't currently have any plans to make its way to the West, North American fans of My Hero Academia would surely jump at the chance to see this original artwork and behind the scenes look at the creation of the popular Shonen franchise.

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi shared this look at one of the drawings from Kohei Horikoshi, which imagines what Eri would look like if she were to wear the outfit of the explosive young hero in Bakugo, which is definitely one of the biggest clashes in personalities between characters in My Hero Academia:

The last time we saw Eri in the anime, she was enjoying the performances that were a part of the Cultural Festival, which saw Class 1-A forming a rock band and Class 1-B performing one of the most ridiculous plays in the history of theater. With her Quirk allowing her to "rewind" target to previous states, it's clear that Eri's powers will be put to good use when she is able to master them properly. On the flip side, Bakugo has a big role to play in the latest training exercise that is sure to put his explosive abilities to the test.


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