My Hero Academia Releases Special Teaser for 5th Anniversary Exhibition

My Hero Academia has released a special teaser for an upcoming exhibition celebrating its big fifth anniversary! Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has been running for nearly seven years at this point, but the anime adaptation will soon be celebrating its fifth anniversary. To commemorate this major milestone for the franchise, the series will be going all out with a series of new events for different aspects of the franchise. This will include a special art exhibition for the franchise featuring closer looks at the original manga in Japan coming this April.

As a peek into this upcoming exhibition for the franchise, My Hero Academia has released a special teaser for it showing off some of the art it will have on display. For fans outside of Japan, this special teaser is a cool way to celebrate just how far the manga and anime have come in such a short time. You can check it out below from the exhibition's official Twitter account:

My Hero Academia's fifth year is going to be a packed one as the anime is returning for its fifth season later this month. Picking up with the Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original series, the anime will pit Class 1-A and 1-B against one another in a special training exercise to demonstrate just how far they have come since starting school. There will also be a new addition to the fray with the returning Hitoshi Shinso, who is hoping to join the hero course.

That's not the only new release coming for the franchise this year, however, as My Hero Academia will also release its third feature film in Japan this Summer. An international release has not been revealed for the film just yet, but neither have there been any concrete details for the film revealed since it was initially announced. That will undoubtedly change in the next few months.

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