My Hero Academia Releases First Images of All Might's Life-Sized Statue

My Hero Academia's first art exhibition, Drawing Smash, will focus on the art of Kohei Horikoshi, along with other big-time mangakas, seeking to honor the universe that put UA Academy on the map, and it seems as if the new exhibit has another big surprise for fans in terms of a life-size statue of the former "Symbol of Peace", All Might. Though All Might has handed off the reins as the top hero, the path he paved for the younger heroes of the world to ascend to the ranks of professional heroes cannot be denied.

My Hero Academia: Drawing Smash is set to swing open its doors shortly on April 23rd, and will continue to show off some major pieces of art from Horikoshi and other artists throughout the summer. The Shonen franchise has seen some big events take place recently with the arrival of the fifth season of the anime, but 2021 still has some other big milestones waiting in the wings. This summer will see the release of not simply the Drawing Smash Exhibit, but also the third feature-length film in the franchise in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, which will see Deku framed for mass murder.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared several new images from the upcoming art exhibit, one of which shows off the life-sized statue honoring the former Symbol of Peace and previous wielder of the Quirk of One For All before Deku getting his hands on it in All Might:

For quite some time, All Might's demise has been something that has been hinted at by several different characters and events, with one of the major predictions coming from Sir Nighteye before his demise in the fourth season of the anime. Though All Might has been told that his time as the top hero would eventually result in his death, that hasn't stopped the crime fighter from finding ways to stay in the loop, even when most of his superpowers have drained away as a result of his battle with the terrifying All For One.


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