My Hero Academia Reveals Aizawa's Post-Surgery State

When it comes to teachers and anime, there are few guys who can stand up to Aizawa. In his own way, the pro hero has been more influential to Izuku than All Might, and his care for Class 1-A is unmatched. Of course, this is why My Hero Academia fans have been all worried about the hero following the raid on Shigaraki, and the manga knows that. This is why we got to check in on the hero at last, and it seems Aizawa's wounds will never be going away.

The update comes courtesy of chapter 325 of My Hero Academia. The manga took time this week helping Izuku as the public came to see the boy in a new light. Once the refugees chose to embrace Izuku, the manga panned to Principal Nezu who could be seen talking with Aizawa. Eraserhead is still in the hospital, and the worn hero is smiling despite his horrific injuries.

As My Hero Academia fans can see, Aizawa has loft his right eye as it was touched ever so briefly by Shigaraki. The villain's decay powers are stronger than ever, and Aizawa was not able to escape permanent damage after this fight. It seems his eye is scarred under the eyepatch on his face, so there is no telling what Aizawa has behind the cloth.

And of course, there is the matter of his leg. Aizawa's right leg was caught up in the battle, and Shigaraki did his best to cut the whole off. Instead, it seems Aizawa lost his leg from the knee down. A prosthetic leg has been given to Aizawa to counteract the loss, but the hero tells Nezu he is still getting used to it.

"I won't be the next Mirko, I can tell you that," he says. Aizawa goes on to tell Nezu he is working on rehab and doing his best to free Shirakumo from Kurogiri. While no progress has been made yet, experiments are going on with the academy's captive Nomu. Scientists want to know if they can reverse the engineering done to take souls from a Nomu. And if it can, well - Aizawa's hardships will all be worth it.


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