My Hero Academia Teases One For All's Unlimited Power

My Hero Academia may have put Izuku in a tough place when the series started, but it has come a long way in pushing him ahead. Even under the weight of crippling responsibility, Izuku is thriving these days, and his command of One For All proves as much. The boy has taken his quirk to a new level, and it seems the sky is the limit if Hawks is correct.

The whole idea was spun into existence when My Hero Academia chapter 325 went live. It was there fans watched as Izuku faced the public at UA High School, and the crowd turned its opinion of the boy. Hawks witnessed the whole thing with Endeavor, and the pro hero said the public's shift marked major progress for heroes.


"One For All is a network of power that links people's hearts," Hawks notes. "It tied All Might too Midoriya. Then, Class A kept Midoriya in the game. And Gravity linked these people to Midoriya. If all of us are even a little bit capable of seeing each other as united as one, then I see a future where heroes have time to kill."

The My Hero Academia chapter goes on to show Izuku's first steps back into society even if it is fraying at the edge. In the same way One For All builds power off its collective users, the same goes here. Izuku might not be able to tap into the public's quirks, but he can draw power from their support. As Ochaco noted, people must protect their heroes when society has beaten them down. It seems the series is about to explore how that will look in practice, and fans believe it will only make Izuku stronger.

After all, the hero did try things the hard way. Izuku wanted to go things alone, and he managed to stay strong until things hit a breaking point. Now, Izuku can get the help he needs, and the public's gradual existence will only make One For All more powerful. But given the My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger, it seems All Might has yet to understand the lesson here...


What do you think about this take on One For All? Do you think the public's acceptance of Izuku will give him the power boost he's been needing?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.