My Hero Academia Creator Hints at Izuku's Future Romance with Ochaco

In the past year, the artist behind My Hero Academia has kept himself busy. Of course, the anime and the manga are thriving, but that doesn't even consider the massive exhibition Kohei Horikoshi just put on. If you did not know, an event just launched in Japan featuring all-new artwork from My Hero Academia. It was there a certain piece of art went viral thanks to its take on Izuku, and Horikoshi says it has to do with his future with Ochaco!

The whole thing got underway when the My Hero Academia exhibition went live in Japan as of late. It was there fans were able to check out artwork done by Horikoshi just for the event. While photos of the artwork haven't been shared online, detailed descriptions surfaced before long, and Horikoshi was asked about one sketch showing Izuku and Ochaco cuddling up to each other.

During an interview by Jump Giga, Horikoshi was asked if that drawing was connected to the main story in any way. The artist was quick to say the scene itself won't show up in the manga, but the idea of Izuku and Ochaco becoming closer could happen easily.

"It is mostly aesthetic, so I can't say there will be a scene exactly like that in the future. However, I drew it while keeping in mind how their relationship would develop if I explored it deeper, so it's not entirely unrelated either," Horikoshi stressed.

As you can see, the artist will not confirm anything about the Izuku x Ochaco ship to the chagrin of fans. It is clear the two have feelings for each other, and Ochaco has been more open about that than Izuku. However, there is little time for romance when All For One and Shigaraki are running amok. Things like dating can wait until the world is a bit more peaceful, but Horikoshi has considered what the couple might look like for real. And if he chooses to bring the two together, well - I am sure we will hear the fandom celebrating from miles away!

As for any other ships, it seems Horikoshi is keeping them close to his chest. My Hero Academia has not been overtly lovey-dovey since it began, and that does not seem like it will change. The fandom has created its own ships in light of that hole, so Bakugo x Kirishima and Momo x Shoto are hugely popular with netizens. But in the end, it will come down to Horikoshi to make them canon or not.

What do you think about Horikoshi's tease? Do you support Izuku's ship with Ochaco, or do you believe he would do better with someone else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


HT - Atsushi