My Hero Academia Blurb Sets Up Izuku's Big Rematch with Shinso

The fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime has dived deep into the Joint Training Exercise that pits the students of Class 1-A against their rivals in Class 1-B, but has also thrown in a big wrinkle by including the oddball entry in Shinso, with a new preview teasing at the re-match between said aspiring hero and Deku. With previous installments of season five showing us how Shinso has improved since his first battle with Midoriya during the Sports Festival via his Quirk of "Brainwash", it definitely seems like Deku is going to have a serious battle on his hands.

Class 1-A was able to score a major victory against their rivals in the first match of the Training Exercise, primarily thanks to Shinso and his Quirk. Whenever a target responds to a statement or question asked by Shinso, they can fall under his mental powers and do what he says as if they are in a trance, making him a worthy opponent on its own. In order to improve his own powers, Shinso learned to master his "Persona Chords" which allows him to actively transform the sound of his voice in order to trick opponents into responding to his voice. It's clear that Shinso's training under Eraserhead has paid off in spades.

My Hero Academia Shinso
(Photo: Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia's 95th episode, titled "3rd Round Battle", released a new description that shows that Deku is going to need a lot of help when it comes to battling against the aspiring hero in Shinso:

"During break, All Might calls Izuku and warns him about Shinso for their fifth-round battle."

All Might has taken on a bigger mentor role to Midoriya since losing the majority of his power in One For All following his insane battle with the head of the League of Villains. Joining the teaching staff of UA Academy, the former Symbol of Peace has been watching the training exercise so far, and is sure to continue playing a significant role in the training of the young heroes across the board.

Shinso and Midoriya's battle is sure to be one of the highlights for season five, but there are sure to be some big moments that arrive in the anime as the latest season continues, with arcs such as "My Villain Academia" and "Endeavor Agency Arc" on the horizon.

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