What Will My Hero Academia Season 5 Cover?

My Hero Academia is going through its fourth season at a fast pace, but fans wouldn't mind if the anime slowed down for a bit. After all, the show only has a few episodes left to go for the year, and fans will miss the show when it is gone. Of course, that means fans are already keeping their eyes on season five, and we're giving a quick rundown of what you can expect from the anime's comeback.

After all, fans do expect My Hero Academia to make a comeback. The franchise is a huge hit in Japan and overseas, making it one of Japan's highest-earning anime. From licensing to merchandise, My Hero Academia fans want more, and that is what season five will give them with the Pro Hero arc.

In fact, this arc is meant to end season four with the introduction of some major heroes. Manga readers will know this arc well as it finally breaks down all the info about Hero Rankings. Not only will this arc touch upon Endeavor's official takeover of the top spot, but it will follow the number two hero as the new symbols of peace try to earn the title with the public.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Izuku Midoriya Deku (1)
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

If season five is given a 25-episode order, fans can expect two arcs to be completed before the show hits its next finale. The second story would by the Joint Training arc, and the story is deceptive with how important it is. For one, the story does pay a visit with Class 1-B as the students are asked to training together with Class 1-A. But in the midst of the lesson, fans will be taken aback when they learn a startling fact about Izuku and his use of One For All.


So far, My Hero Academia has followed the pattern of two arcs per season as it splits the stories up by cour. There is a tease in the finale that sets up the next season's arc, so fans who read the manga know where season six will line up. They're expecting a new faction of villains to appear, and the baddies will have some pivotal encounters with the League of Villains which anime-only fans won't see coming!

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