My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Pony's Hero Debut With New Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator is celebrating Pony Tsunotori's full hero debut in the anime with a new [...]

My Hero Academia's creator is celebrating Pony Tsunotori's full hero debut in the anime with a new sketch for Season 5's newest episode. The fifth season of the series has kicked off a training exercise between Class 1-A and 1-B to test how much the two hero classes have grown since they have entered the school, and it's been a real showing for the young heroes of the B class that we have yet to really see in action. This is especially true for one of the more unique students, Pony Tsunotori.

Tsunotori is a part of the third match up between the two classes, and the young hero (who goes by the moniker of Rocketti), seems to be a big deal for series creator Kohei Horikoshi as well. Celebrating her full hero debut in Episode 95 of the series (along with all of the other students getting the spotlight with this third match), Horikoshi released a sketch featuring her along with the other students bearing her spell Horn Cannon quirk horns. Check it out below:

My Hero Academia's fifth season is now making its way through the Joint Training Exercise arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series, so each of the episodes we have seen thus far have shown what the two classes can do in any given situation. As of the third match, the score is tied between the two classes with one win on the board each and the third match pits Class 1-A's Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Mashirao Ojiro, and Mezo Shoji against 1-B's Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Juzo Honenuki, Sen Kaibara, and the aforementioned Pony Tsunotori.

The episode takes us through the first half of this match, and like the fight before, 1-B has an immediate advantage over 1-A as their group has been planning countermeasures ahead of time. 1-A's students are used to adapting their skills on the fly, however, so it remains to be seen just how the rest of this match will play out with the next episode of the series and how that carries over into the rest of the season.

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