My Hero Academia Evens The Score In Latest Anime Episode

The Joint Training Exercise has pitted the classes of 1-A and 1-B against one another in team matches that are meant to determine whether the real-life experience of Midoriya's class or the insane amount of studying for Kendo's class will ultimately prove to be more effective. Though 1-A won their first battle against their competition, the latest episode proves that the war is far from over as the four-man team of Can't Stop Twinkling, Tokoyami, Creati, and Invisible Girl simply didn't have what it took to defeat their rivals and score another win for their friends.

While each of these 1-A students has some amazing Quirks at their disposal, the teamwork exhibited by 1-B was simply too much for them to defeat, as ComicMan, a student with the ability to turn his words into giant blocks, was able to split most of their enemies from one another. Momo, aka Creati, found herself struggling against her foremost rival in 1-B with Kendo, whose Quirk allows her to "embiggen" her limbs, delivering a series of blows that were able to ultimately bring her low. Class 1-A working independently was definitely a big mark against them when it came to this battle.

My Hero Academia
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Kendo is able to also capture Invisible Girl, who was preparing to deliver a finishing blow to one of her competitors, with 1-B's "house mother" proving herself to be one of the most adept students in either class. Tokoyami seemed like the most powerful member of 1-A's defenses but was ultimately brought low thanks to an insane power that Shemage was holding up her sleeve. With 1-B trying to think of how to defeat Tokoyami's Dark Shadow, he was brought down thanks to Shemage horrifyingly creating mushrooms within his lungs, making him unable to stop coughing and re-enter the game.

Though the playing field is now even, the war itself is far from over as there are still many battles to come, one of them being Midoriya squaring off with the student who is not a part of 1-A or 1-B in Shinso. Though All For One is a devastating Quirk, Shinso's Brainwash has proved to be quite the ability.

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