My Hero Academia Season 5 Debuts Posters for Its Next Arcs

My Hero Academia is working through its fifth season right now, and fans are tuning in each week [...]

My Hero Academia is working through its fifth season right now, and fans are tuning in each week to see Izuku's class tackle their current mission. Right now, the anime is busy with Class 1-A as the students continue their training arc with Class 1-B. It seems like Izuku is ramping up for a big rematch with Shinso, but thanks to some new posters, fans know what all is coming next for the season.

Recently, the official website for My Hero Academia updated fans on season five's home video plans. It was there new key art was posted for the new season outside of the Joint Training arc. And if you have read the manga, well - you will know which arcs these new posters are nodding towards.

As you can see above, the image on the right is all about the League of Villains. My Hero Academia fans are given a close-up of Shigaraki as he hunches over with his allies surrounding him. Dabi, Toga, Twice, and Mr. Compress can all be found in this shot. Clearly, this poster hints that a villain-centric story is on the way, and manga readers are living for the tease. After all, it is time the 'My Villain Academia' arc got underway as the Meta Liberation Army makes its presence known to All For One's protege.

The second poster to the left focuses on a very different story. In this image, you can see Izuku standing to one side with Bakugo and Shoto at his side. The trio is joined by Endeavor on the left-hand side along with Hawks. This grouping might seem random to fans, but it is far from that if you know the manga. The 'Endeavor Agency' arc follows these students as they work under the Number One hero in an internship. This arc is a shorter one, so it seems like season five will adapt this story before it wraps this fall. So if you want to catch up on all of these juicy arcs ahead of time, you can find the My Hero Academia manga in stores now or online through Viz Media's digital vault.

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