My Hero Academia Previews Episode 95 With First Stills

The Joint Training Exercise Arc continues in the anime for My Hero Academia, as Class 1-A fights against their rivals in Class 1-B, and it seems as if the Shonen franchise has unleashed several new stills that give fans of the anime a hint as to how the third battle of this saga will come to pass. With Class 1-A represented by Shoto Todoroki, Ingenium, Tentacole, and Tailman, they are going to have a fight on their hands when it comes to Real Steel and his fellow powerful classmates in 1-B.

Currently, the playing field has been made even as both 1-A and 1-B have individual victories under their belts, with the first fight netting a win for the main heroes thanks to the influence of Shinso and his wild Quirk known as Brainwash. Though the second fight was close, the team of Tokoyami, Creati, Invisible Girl, and Can't Stop Twinkling wasn't able to withstand their rivals led by 1-B's "class mother" in Kendo. With Shemage unleashing the most disturbing aspect of her Quirk, growing mushrooms inside of Tokoyami's lungs, it's clear that 1-B is a force to be reckoned with and has been using their time well when it comes to training their powers.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared a bevy of images that give fans of My Hero Academia a better idea of the third battle of the Joint Training Exercise, which is pitting some of the strongest students of UA Academy against one another in a fight to determine which class has superiority in the superhero game:

Following the Joint Training Exercise Arc, the fifth season is going to be diving into unexplored territory with the two arcs known as "My Villain Academia" and the "Endeavor Agency Arc". The former will follow Shigaraki and his crew within the League of Villains battling against a decidedly new threat other than the heroes that they normally find themselves struggling against. During the latter saga, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto will find themselves joining a unique work-study beneath the expertise of the number one hero, Endeavor, who is still trying to figure out his place in the world as the potential Symbol of Peace.

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