My Hero Academia Creator Highlights Shinso's Hero Training in New Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator highlights Hitoshi Shinso's hero training with a new sketch for Season [...]

My Hero Academia's creator highlights Hitoshi Shinso's hero training with a new sketch for Season 5's newest episode! The fifth season of the series is nearing the end of it its first cour, and with the newest episode officially brought the Joint Training exercise between Class 1-A and 1-B to an end. While there is still some left over clean up needed before the Joint Training arc comes to an end, the newest episode of the series revealed more of what Hitoshi Shinso is now capable of thanks to his secret training with Shota Aizawa.

Not only did Episode 99 of the series give fans an insight as to how Aizawa helped Shinso learn to use the binding scarf (and thus give him an important tool that would help him fight along the other potential heroes in the hero course), but now series creator Kohei Horikoshi has shared another fun look at this training with a new sketch celebrating the release of Season 5's newest entry. Check it out below:

Episode 99 of the series resumed the rematch between Shinso and Izuku Midoriya after Shinso helped calm down Izuku's wild quirk. Izuku had suddenly unlocked a new power within One For All, and Shinso played a key role in helping him to understand it. Although Shinso has no real idea just how much he ended up helping out Izuku in this moment, all he was really focused on was showing Izuku a new side of himself.

He revealed that all he really wanted from this rematch was to show how much he has grown as a hero in training. This was reflected through his work together with Aizawa, and Shinso was excited to show off the fruits of that labor since his time fighting against Izuku during the Sports Festival in the second season. It was soon revealed that this exercise was actually a test for Shinso, but we'll soon see whether or not he can join the hero course in full.

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