My Hero Academia Ends The Joint Training Exercise Arc

Season Five of My Hero Academia has spent the majority of its episodes focusing on the battle [...]

Season Five of My Hero Academia has spent the majority of its episodes focusing on the battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B as a part of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, and the latest episode of the anime has finally brought the story to a close, determining which class in UA Academy was able to claim victory. With the final battle involving both Deku and Shinso taking the lead in their respective teams, it's clear that Midoriya still has a ways to go when it comes to mastering his new power from One For All in Blackwhip.

Warning. If you have yet to see the latest episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season and don't want the results of the Joint Training Exercise spoiled, steer clear.

As we witnessed in the previous episode of Kohei Horikoshi's anime adaptation, Deku was having quite some trouble in controlling Blackwhip, with the combined power of Ochaco and Shinso needed to calm him down. Terrified of hurting his friends, Midoriya attempted to manage the power but realized that only by mastering One For All at one hundred percent could he fully use the abilities inherent in Blackwhip. Luckily for Midoriya, he didn't need Blackwhip to assist his team in scoring a major win.

My Hero Academia Joint Training Exercise
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The team of Deku, Mineta, Ashida, and Ochaco were able to pull off a victory, first by capturing Monoma, and then by taking down each of the Class 1-B by slamming them within the prison cell. In the rematch between Shinso and Midoriya, the wielder of One For All was able to pull off a victory by not being tricked into being brainwashed once again, also taking down the current student of Eraserhead.

With Deku's team scoring a victory, Class 1-A is able to win the day and walk away as the victors of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, proving that the combination of training and external threats that have haunted them throughout the series allowed them to further strengthen and master their Quirks. Though Shinso lost his battle against Deku, he discovers that the exercise also counted as an "acceptance exam" for him, with Eraserhead, Vlad, and All Might deliberating whether or not the brainwashing young hero will be able to join the heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B.

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