My Hero Academia Promo Teases Izuku's Blackwhip Comeback

My Hero Academia is teasing Izuku Midoriya's Blackwhip comeback with the promo for Season 5's next big episode! The anime has been making its way through the Joint Training arc of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series, and while it seemed like the exercise was going to end without any major events, it all changed once Izuku himself got into the battle. Following up on the massive One For All tease towards the beginning of the season, the newest episode revealed that Izuku had another quirk inside of One For All as it began to go out of control.

The next episode of the season seems to take this one step further as now Izuku's determined to actually use this new Blackwhip ability. Although it had broken through and cause quite a scene while putting Ochaco Uraraka and the others in danger, now that he knows what this new power is, Izuku's going to move straight forward and already try to use this power in this rematch against Hitoshi Shinso. Check out the promo for Episode 99 below as spotted by @Atsushi101X on Twitter:

Episode 98 of the series saw Izuku suddenly explode with strings of destructive black energy. Ochaco had to jump in to keep him steady while he was fighting against this explosion, and it took Shinso's Brainwashing quirk to settle him down. This helped Izuku in a huge way, however, as he came directly face to face with one of the other vestiges within One For All. This new previous user confirmed that this Blackwhip once belonged to him.

Not only did this past user reveal that Izuku is about to get a lot more quirks thanks to One For All's power, but the quirks he will eventually unlock will be much stronger thanks to being wrapped within this ability. They have been stockpiled over the years, and have been steadily growing toward a completion point that Izuku will seemingly cross much sooner than he might realize.


Having all of this in mind seems to be pushing Izuku to master his newest ability as soon as possible, and what's a better way to test his aptitude with it than with this practical training session he's currently involved in? But what do you think of Izuku's newest quirk? Excited to see more of it in action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!