My Hero Academia Unleashes Deku's New Power

The Joint Training Exercise Arc is in the throes of its final battle, pitting Deku and his teammates against the five man team of Class 1-B, with Shinso being one of the biggest threats of their competitors, but it seems as if Midoriya has been granted a brand new power thanks to One For All, which might be too much for him to handle. With the UA Academy Civil War set to end with this final confrontation, Izuku could not have picked a worse time to have an uncontrollable new power emerge from inside of himself.

Earlier in the season, we got a first-hand look at the "Vestiges of One For All", the previous inheritors of the Quirk that remain inside of the current wielder of the power, with Deku acting as the ninth user of this all-powerful ability. As Midoriya is far and away the strongest member of his current team, he set himself to be the main distraction for his teammates, bouncing around the battlefield and coming into contact with the boastful Monoma, aka the Phantom Thief who has the ability to copy his opponent's Quirk should he make contact with them.

My Hero Academia New Power
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Thanks to Monoma riling up Deku, the young hero of Class 1-A loses his cool and unleashes a brand new ability that was hidden inside of One For All known as Black Whip, which allows Izuku to create "energy whips" from his own body. Midoriya inherited this amazing power from the fifth user of One For All, Daigoro Banjo, who appears to Deku in his subconscious and explains that thanks to the power of their shared Quirk, the black tendrils springing from Izuku's body are far stronger than when the Fifth wielded them.

As mentioned earlier, Midoriya is unable to control the Black Whips that are bursting forth from his body, as Daigoro explains that his powers will react to his emotions, with his tendrils becoming uncontrollable thanks to his anger. With Shinso managing to keep Deku under control using his brainwash Quirk, the final battle of the Joint Training Exercise continues. Now that Midoriya's powers are potentially beyond his control, this is another big hindrance for Class 1-A to score the final win.

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