My Hero Academia Teases Izuku x Ochaco With Its Latest Episode

My Hero Academia is not overtly preoccupied with romance, but that does not mean emotions aren't bubbling for our favorite heroes. Izuku and his classmates are at the age that crushes spring eternal, and we know of at least one crush in the class. After all, Ochaco has pushed aside her feelings for Izuku at the moment, but the latest episode of My Hero Academia helps bring them forward.

As you will know if you are caught up with the anime, Ochaco saved the day for Izuku recently. The heroine teamed up with Shinso despite their opposite teams in the Class 1-A and 1-B training battle. The pair came together to save Izuku from himself when a new aspect of his quirk went wild, and Ochaco even took some hits to help her friend out.

The moment was super sentimental as you can imagine the work Ochaco had to put forward to help Izuku. The boy was also horrified by his own outburst, and Ochaco's injuries only made Izuku more upset. However, the heroine thought nothing of it as her main focus was whether Izuku was safe.

Clearly, this action is befitting of any friends who care for each other, but the My Hero Academia fandom knows there is more to it. Izuku has yet to explore his feelings for Ochaco in any romantic sense, but she has already done her research. While the My Hero Academia community differs on its favorite ships, Izuku and Ochaco have been an obvious pair since day one. Now, this animated nod to their care for each other has IzuOcha fans melting, but they shouldn't get too excited. The anime still has a long way to go before any heartfelt confessions are made.


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