My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Mirko's Season 5 Debut with New Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator celebrating Mirko's debut in Season 5 with a brand new sketch! My Hero Academia is finally back for its fifth season, and while the first episode of the new slate was spent reintroducing fans to the extended cast of characters, the second episode finally returned to the series' overall story. With this return to the events of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, the newest episode of the series rounds out the final events of the Pro Hero arc that began with the final two episodes of the fourth season.

Picking up from that cliffhanger in which Dabi was confronting Endeavor and Hawks following the fight with the High-End Nomu, Episode 90 of the series features Mirko in a clutch moment as she swings in to save the two heroes before things got dicey given they were exhausted from that previous fight. To celebrate Mirko's return to the anime, series creator Kohei Horikoshi shared a new sketch with fans featuring a much funnier version of this confrontation. Check it out below:

The sketch sees Mirko, Endeavor, and Hawks all complain about a smell that can either refer to the black warping sludge Dabi uses in the episode, or the fact that Dabi's skin constantly reeks because of his quirk burning it away with each new use. The anime is really only kicking off from this point on, so Endeavor, Hawks and Mirko will only be getting into much more intense situations as the episodes continue.


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