My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Reportedly in the Works

My Hero Academia has been through a lot with fans, and audiences hope the Pro Hero series will keep them coming back for more. The manga is well into the story nowadays, but the anime has only gotten started with its heroes' grittier stories. Of course, that means fans are desperate for a fifth season to get the official green light, and it seems a new report has confirmed such an order is happening.

Recently, social media began buzzing when a new report went live. It was thanks to WSJ_Manga that fans learned My Hero Academia has a treat planned for season five. A supposed preview from the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump seems to confirm a fifth season of My Hero Academia is in the works!

Currently, there is no word on when the season will go live, but it seems like a summer release is on the table. This past year, the show brought out its fourth season later in the game, so the same might go for season five. In fact, any production delays due to the novel coronavirus could extend the wait, so My Hero Academia season five might leave fans hanging until later this year.


This report has yet to be confirmed, but fans have long expected this news to go live. My Hero Academia remains one of the most popular shows in anime. Whether in Japan or abroad, the cast of My Hero Academia has a legion of fans to fall back on, and the debut of season five will be greeted by that army upon its 2021 arrival. For now, fans can keep up with Izuku Midoriya and the gang through the manga, and Viz Media has a digital backlog you can read right now for a simple subscription fee.

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