My Hero Academia Producer Reveals Which Season 6 Characters to Watch

My Hero Academia is weeks out from its return, and season six promises to be a big one for the series. It has been over a year since we've heard from our favorite heroes, but Studio Bones has kept a close eye on the gang in the back. And now, one of the show's producers is opening up about the series and which characters we should watch in season six.

The message comes from Yoshihiro Oyabu, one of the producers of My Hero Academia. They spoke with Animedia recently to promote the series, and it was there Oyabu pointed out the characters he wants everyone to pay close attention to this fall.

As it turns out, the two in question are Mirko and Twice. Oyabu says the pair have big scenes early on in season six, and Mirko is given some very good lines in the season's first few episodes. When it comes to Twice, Oyabu says the character might be a villain, but season six shows a more heartwarming side to the man even in the midst of battle.

Of course, those who have read the My Hero Academia manga will know what is ahead of them. Kohei Horikoshi's manga is one that gets darker by the arc, and season six is going to tackle one of its most intense to date. War is on the horizon, and the latest promos for My Hero Academia prove how brutal both sides can be here. And with Class 1-A on the battlefield, there is no way the gang is going to come out of this raid unscathed.

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If you are ready to check out this anime comeback, My Hero Academia is set to return on October 1st. Crunchyroll is set to stream the show as always, and you can catch up on the show there as well. Seasons one through five are currently streaming both subbed and dubbed.

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