My Hero Academia Adds Important Dabi Scene to Season 6

To put it plainly, My Hero Academia season six has a lot going on. From a slew of deaths to a full-on villain uprising, you can see why our heroes are stressed. Things are heating up like never before, and that was made clear when My Hero Academia put out its newest episode. And in case you missed it, the release did include an original Dabi scene the manga had to cut way back when.

Fans were introduced to the whole thing once Dabi and Gigantomachia reunited. The behemoth is on the run as Shigaraki has called him out, and Gigantomachia made sure to pick up his master's allies on his way. It was there Dabi hitched a ride, but before he moved on, the fiery villain made sure to grab Skeptic for a special job.

The Original Scene Explained.

As the episode shows, Dabi used Gigantomachia's sense of smell to hunt down Skeptic. The computer whiz is certainly surprised by Dabi's arrival, but he does not resist when collected. It seems Dabi has a job for Skeptic, and manga readers know how damning the gig will be.

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This entire encounter is fresh to the series, but for those worried, My Hero Academia tried to fit it into the manga years ago. Dabi's reunion with Skeptic was glossed over, but creator Kohei Horikoshi included extra sketches of chapter 273 long ago. It was there this scene was storyboarded, and Horikoshi said page limits prevented him from adding Dabi's search in the manga. But as Studio Bones began season six, the creator's full vision was given the chance to shine.

Now, Dabi is on the move with Gigantomachia, and he has Skeptic on deck for a mysterious mission. There is no telling what the villain wants in the wake of his fight with Hawks. But given how our heroes are fairing, well – any interruption from Dabi is going to spell devastation.

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