My Hero Academia Preview Gives Us Hawks' First Official Appearance

The Cultural Festival Arc may have wrapped up, but My Hero Academia still has some surprises up [...]

The Cultural Festival Arc may have wrapped up, but My Hero Academia still has some surprises up its sleeve with the fourth season as the preview for the next installment of the anime gives us our first official appearance of the fan favorite hero of Hawks. Though Hawks has made a name for himself in the manga, his appearances in the main anime series have been mostly through quick cameos and references to him by the students of UA Academy. With the Japan Hero Billboard Chart picking a new number one hero, Hawks will be in attendance as the current number three!

The winged hero Hawks has made a name for himself in the world of professional heroes, and even had a supporting role in the second feature length film of the franchise with Heroes Rising. While he didn't participate in the battle against Nine in the movie, his work in the background made a difference when it came to the finale of the film. With All Might having retired following his battle against All For One, the power dynamic has shifted and it's clear that the number one spot will be taken by Endeavor, with the number two role being given to Hawks.

Hawks himself is something of a mystery, with the red winged hero appearing in the credits of season four's episodes as a child and being directed by the Hero Public Safety Commission, clearly having to go through some trials and tribulations to become the hero that he is today. In the manga, Hawks is currently undercover in an operation that is sure to have some big repercussions for the franchise moving forward. With the recent chapters, we are left wondering if Hawks is going to survive the big assault on what may be the largest gathering of villains in the series' history!

The hero rankings is definitely an interesting system, as it doesn't really have any meaning for the world at large when it comes to orders being delegated but there is definitely a shift in the public's eye when it comes to how the higher up heroes on the chart are received. With Endeavor and Hawks being given new ranks, it will be interesting to see how this affects their actions moving forward in the anime!

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