My Hero Academia's New Episode Unleashes The Terrifying Toga

My Hero Academia's sixth season has raised the stakes for both heroes and villains alike, with each side seeing casualties that many viewers didn't see coming. With a major death arriving in the form of Twice, the League of Villains' duplicating villain who was both a powerhouse and a nitwit, Toga hasn't taken too kindly to her comrade's demise and is letting the heroes know exactly how angry she is in quite the terrifying display.    

As was seen in the fifth season, which had Toga and her fellow League of Villains members fighting against the Meta Liberation Army for villain supremacy, the twisted powerhouse had amplified her Quirk's ability to allow her to not only take on the appearance of whomever's blood she drank but also use their Quirks as well. In this case, however, Toga is more than fine with simply using her disguise ability to strike a deadly blow to countless heroes that were unfortunate enough to get in her way. With Toga's thirst for revenge shown against the awakening of Gigantomachia, along with Shigaraki taking the fight directly to Endeavor, the Paranormal Liberation Front has definitely found its second wind.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

My Toga Academia

Toga was only a small part of this latest installment, with the heroes attempting to figure out their next steps as Shigaraki comes into his own using the power of All For One. Luckily for Deku and his allies, Eraserhead is able to get a line of sight on the young villain, taking his powers from him, but revealing a far darker secret that Dr. Garaki's experiments helped to create. The mad scientist, having spent four months putting Shigaraki through hell, didn't just give him All For One's Quirk, but also amplified his strength and speed on a level that is one run below All Might's, completely free from Aizawa's erasure ability. 

Needless to say, the heroes young and old are going to need to put their heads together when it comes to how they can claim victory in this war, as the battle grows darker with each passing moment.

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