My Hero Academia Cosplay Leaps High With Mirko

One of My Hero Academia's newest heroes has also become one of the franchise's most popular, with Mirko, the rabbit hero, bouncing into the hearts of fans and already warranting a number of cosplays from fans of the long running series. With Mirko playing a fundamental part of the heroes battle within the Paranormal Liberation War taking place in the manga, she has shown off just how essential she is to the professional heroes during one of the darkest times of the series itself. We're crossing our fingers that the rabbit hero makes it out of the story alive!

Mirko recently made her first appearance in the fourth season of My Hero Academia, arriving as one of the top ten professional heroes in the world today. Though we haven't seen her exhibit her powers in the anime to date, she has certainly shown how easily she is able to rip through the likes of High End Nomu and members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, using her insanely powerful legs to spring herself through any problem facing her. In the manga, Mirko has fallen on some serious hard times, leaving fans to wonder if she will make it out alive within the story that has already given us so many casualties to date.

Instagram Cosplayer KinpatsuCosplay shared this amazing pitch perfect Mirko cosplay that takes one of the rabbit hero's most iconic images and brings it to the real world thanks to the franchise that was created by Kohei Horikoshi:

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Cosplay vs character for Miruko!! ✨🐰 Everything for this costume was made from scratch! :3 we used White scuba and purple ultrapreme from Yaya Han for the sewing and gold vinyl for the decals! Then the details were made form EVA Foam with parts of it covered in silver leather so it stays flexible! :3 the ears were also made from Eva foam covered in fabric! We have the full miruko pattern set for her costume and the cosplay tutorial showing how everything was made available at to help with making your own miruko cosplay! :D Since this is a comparison I also just want to take a moment to say you don't have to change your skin for a costume! :3 Changing your skin for a costume can be very hurtful to many people and it's not necessary to do so. It doesn't matter if it's not "accurate", ultimately you are showing your love for the character and that's what matters :3 Cosplay to have fun, doesn't matter what your skin tone/shape/gender is!!💖 Cosplay is for everyone! #miruko #mirkocosplay #mirukocosplay #mirko #rumiusagiyama #cosplayvscharacter #myheroacademiacosplay #bokunoheroacademia #bnhacosplay #cosplay

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