My Hero Academia Gives Peek at Mirko's High School Days

My Hero Academia has made its heroes easy to love, but characters like Mirko go the extra mile with the fandom. Of course, that means the need for updates on the Rabbit Hero is high, and fans were sent into a frenzy when creator Kohei Horikoshi gifted them a throwback look at her high school days. After all, Pro Heroes have to come from somewhere, and Mirko went to school to study like everyone else... She just ended up studying something very different from what we all did.

This throwback sketch moves away from the present and into a time where these heroes attended school. To be specific, the artwork shows the pair dressed up in their high school uniforms, and the look has got fans geeking out. After all, Horikoshi hasn't explored these heroes much in the manga, and this first-look at Mirko confirms the heroine has been a spitfire for years now.

After all, the My Hero Academia sketch imagines how Mirko and Hawks looked during their last days in high school. The pair are drawn in their school uniforms which are a staple in Japan. The coordinating looks are plenty adorable, but Mirko makes it even better when she finds a flaw with her skirt.

As you can see above, the heroine is none too happy about her skirt as it has an irregular bump in it. The pleated number doesn't have a slit for her rabbit tail to slip through, so the appendage is creating the hump. It also makes the skirt rise up in the back, and we can only assume teachers at her school wouldn't approve of the risqué look.

Of course, Hawks has it a bit earlier. He had to put in slits for his wings as always, but the rest of the uniform suits him. From the lose white shirt to his belted black slacks. Hawks looks as chic as ever, and the look on his face hasn't changed much. The dour Pro Hero was just as blank back in high school, so it is nice to see a bit more of his teen years. And if we can get more of this content moving forward, that would be perfectly alright with fans everywhere.


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