My Hero Academia Updates Shigaraki's New Power Level in New Battle

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter has given fans an important update on where things stand with the series big bads All For One and his protege (turned hostage) Tomura Shigaraki. The previous War Arc reached its climax with the revelation that All For One had placed the AFO power inside of Shigaraki, along with subjecting Shigaraki to Dr. Garaki's brutal power-enhancing treatment. All For One's true insidious goal was creating the perfect vessel for him to inhabit and start a new life of malevolence - while the power of AFO gave him the perfect back door to enter through.

Since My Hero Academia's War Arc, All For One staged a massive prison break and used the chaos inflicted upon society to keep himself hidden and run out an all-important clock: the time needed to complete Shigaraki's power-boosting process, which the heroes interrupted. Well, now that process is seemingly complete (or very nearly so), and in My Hero Academia manga chapter 330, we finally learn just what the deal is with this new hybrid being that is All For One Shigaraki - and more importantly what kind of power level he holds

All For One Shigaraki goes up against Star and Stripe, the top pro hero of America. All For One Shigaraki unleashes devastating attacks like a triple-threat Radio Waves/Air Cannon/Heavy Payload assault on Star and Stripe's aerial team. However, it's when Star and Stripe uses her one-of-a-kind quirk power on Shigaraki (read: New Order quirk Explained) that we get scene of All For One marveling at just how power his protege has become: 

"As originally planned, you were meant to become me entirely after two months of recuperation. But what a firecracker you are, Tomura. Your sheer hatred! Your drive for destruction! The Doctor and I had our expectations, and you rose up to blow them away!" All For One tells Shigaraki - before breaking down exactly where their power stands:

 "Percentage wise, I'd say 97? Perhaps 98? We will become one soon enough. No longer All For One nor Tomura Shigaraki... We now meld int a new person altogether!" 


For now, it's made clear that some small part of Shigaraki's psyche remains and is resisting All For One - but it doesn't seem like that resistance can last for long: 

"Not in favor are you? Well, I sure am!! Do you detest me?! Let that rage flow!! Your hatred delivers us to our glorious future!" 

It seems like Shigaraki's will could soon be the exact thing that dooms him - and the chapter's cliffhanger makes it clear that the full power All For One is about to have will be more horrific than anyone imagined

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